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Life Coach for Women who are ready to overcome the wounds of a loss or divorce and rebuild their lives for a successful, fulfilling future

Life Coach for Women ~ Rebuild Success Program

Helping women who are ready to overcome the wounds a divorce or loss and rebuild their lives for a succesful and fulfilling future.

Has the aftermath of a divorce left you lost , sad, demotivated , scared to move on or unable to do so because your confidence is gone?

Our Rebuild Success Program will help you to love yourself again by regaining your confidence, empower your mindset, revitalising your femininity and redesigning you into the SuperBeauty you were meant to be to step boldly into the best years ofyour life !

I`ve been where you are

I have been where you are !!!

As a professional woman in a leadership position  , I faced many  challenges both in my career and  personal life . It was rough!

What came out of the ruins though, was a greater, stronger version of myself, for  which I am eternally grateful .

I can help you to get to that place where you too will be able to exhale and embrace your inner feminine strength .

Contact me for a free consultation and learn exactly how I will give you the personalised program and ongoing coaching you need.


So, are you ready to get past this hurdle in your life, emotionally and mentally?

Then I'm ready to coach you all the way!

The Journey


The Rebuild Success Coaching Program is for the woman who is ready to dust off the ashes of a marriage or partnership that ended by breakup ,death or divorce and rebuild, reinvent and renew herself ~ because life did not end !!

It`s for the woman who portrays the role of the well put together professional, businesswoman or employee at the workplace , yet is crumbling on the inside in her personal life .

It`s for the woman who is ready to be the boss of her own life , take charge of her health , wealth , goals , mindset ,decision making and spiritual growth while still retaining her femininity .The woman who will wear her scars as honor badges and soar higher transforming pain into power!!

Best of all , if you`re a Mom , you`ll learn how to be the hero of your child`s life , especially if you have a daughter . You`re going to teach that young lady how to recover from a life crisis with flying colors. Are you this woman ? My beautiful sister ,one window closed , you may have lost half but now you`re going to be whole !!🌹

After going through personal struggles, I had the ` hunger` to rise up from the ashes and soar . This desire led me on a personal  journey of self development , empowerment , spiritual awakening and a realization of strength which previously lay dormant . I was blessed to have met amazing persons along the way , who have moulded this new lease I have on life . skills have also  greatly enriched my skills as a leader, mother and generally every  facet of being a woman. The lessons I have learnt are invaluable !!! As an educator for over twenty years it was simply natural to marry those teaching skills with these powerful life experiences.Thus allowing the opportunty to  teach , preach , share , empower, inspire and hopefully  leave a positive impact on another woman`s life.

I look forward to working with you through our online group coaching program   ~Rebuild Success Program~ the possibilities are infinite !!


Let`s get started !








Who do we serve?

Are you a woman who is has been through a divorce or loss and is ready to rebuild your life by learning to love yourself again while discovering who you really can be in this next phase of life ?           Then you`re in the right place .

What I do

Consultations,personalized plans,one to one sessions,group sessions ,workshops , speaking engagements .All sessions can be done via online platforms and in person .





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